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Rando WM 32 provides good low temperature fluidity with a high viscosity index (VI) and therefore offers a wide operating temperature window. This product complies with Swedish Standard SS 15 54.34. Customer benefits •Reliable low temperature fluidity promotes rapid pumpability and critical component wear protection during cold system start-up •Robust anti-wear and corrosion inhibitor systems contribute to greater system uptime performance andreduced maintenance costs •Thermal stability performance aids protection against oil degradation, deposit formation and promotes extended fluid service life •Dependable filtration characteristics in the presence of water contamination helps reduce maintenance downtime •High shear stability assists reliable protection and trouble -free performance under high temperature, high pressure conditions Applications •Rando WM 32 is recommended for use in wind turbines and in many types of high pressure hydraulic systems operating across a wide ambient andoperating temperature range •Rando WM 32 is suitable for systems with gear, vane, radial and axial piston pumps Approvals, performance and recommendations •Vestas Wind System 0000-2843 •Vickers M-2950S, I-286 Performance •ISO6743/V HV •DIN51 524/3, HLP •Swedish Standard SS 15 54 34 •Swedish Standard SMR 1996-2

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